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Valt erbjudande: Winter Mentorship Workshop - Single room

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Winter Mentorship Workshop - Single room

Från 15 750 SEK

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Winter Mentorship Program
February 2nd - 5th 2023
with Sebastian Mullaert (creative coach, artist, composer, producer)


Limited to 26 Participants
- Hosted at Villa Söderåsen - Röstånga, Sweden
- Deep immersive experience in the heart of Söderåsen National Park.
- Including series of workshops, demonstrations, exercises and discussions.
- Highly interactive experience with constant opportunity for participation and connection.
- Access to our community, with exclusive materials all year round..
- Full board accommodation and catering included.


In this retreat you will experience an intensive version of Sebastian’s 11-week online mentorship programme, mixed with nature activities, meditation, exercises, yoga - including full accommodation and catering. The retreat is open for anyone and is useful for both new and experienced students. As the focus is very holistic and wide, it can also be applied to any creative process and expression, and can be very useful for people who work with other forms of art and creativity, besides music.


Additionally, by attending this retreat you will have received the equivalent of completing the first 11-week online mentorship program. Which means that you will have the opportunity to continue your journey deeper into Sebastian’s workflow, shall you wish to, and jump straight to Sebastian Mullaert’s Online Mentorship Programme Pt. II (starting February 8th for 10 weeks).

If you already have done part 1 but want to get a reminder and reconnection with it in a live setting before continuing with part 2 it can also be very useful.


In Bloom website 

Read more about this retreat and other Circle of Live In Bloom activities on this link:


Date & Check in/out times
Between February 2nd 2023 to Sunday 5th 2023.
Check in time is from 15:00 and check out time at 18:00


Three nights stay at Villa Söderåsen in private single room. 


Food & Drinks
All food and drinks included in the price.
All food is vegeterian or vegan. No alcohol will be served or is allowed.


Please send to


Find all talks and workshops below. Every day will also include yoga class and walks in nature.

Creativity & Improvisation

Improvisation, nature and meditation are at the core of Sebastian's approach to music.


Part 1: Creativity & Improvisation
A philosophical introduction to the concept and its importance to tapping into your creativity.

Part 2: Meditation & Nature
Discover how reconnecting with nature and meditation can be used as tools to unlock your own creativity.

Part 3: Collaborations
The topic of improvisation naturally leads to the idea of collaborations, their role in the creative process (and of improvisation), listening and paying attention to other artists.

Sebastian will talk through his studio set up, what decisions lead him to his current set up and his advice. Specific talk about several topics such as Software, Hardware, Soundcards etc.

Part 1: Studio Set up
Breakdown of Sebastian's studio set up.

Part 2: Workflow & Studio Process
Setting yourself up technically to allow improvisation and creative flow.

With improvisation as a technical aspect, Sebastian will discuss the different mechanisms (pre-sets, tools, tricks) that he uses to help him maintain a clear mind and therefore more open to the flow of creativity.

Playing Live
The final day of this retreat is focusing on playing live, Sebastian will follow up on the topic by breaking down his live set up and help you with any doubts or questions you may have to build your own.

Part 1: Live Set Up / Software

Part 2: Live Set Up / Hardware

Part 3: Allowing Creativity On Stage
Sebastian will share his tricks about finding peace and presence on stage. These include pragmatic solutions to finding your creative flow.



- What is covered in my retreat purchase?

The event is all inclusive and all encompassing. Your retreat purchase is for the Circle Of Live | In Bloom experience in its entirety. Your stay in one of shared or single occupancy rooms. 3 daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and non-alcoholic beverages. Please note alcoholic beverages are neither provided or permitted on site. All programming & activities, including nature & meditation as tools for creation, collaborations, the creative process of improvisation etc.

- Is Travel included in the price and how to get there?

You are responsible for your round trip transportation to and from Villa Söderåsen, however once you arrive, everything is taken care of for you within the scope of the event. The location address is: Nackarpsdalsvägen 5, 268 68 Röstånga, Sweden The nearest international airport is Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH) and from there you have convenient and frequent public transport options (train + bus) right to our doorstep. The approximate travel time to Rostanga is 2h 30min. You can also fly to Malmo Airport (MMX) and similarly use public transport options (train + bus) right to our doorstep. The approximate travel time to Rostanga is also 2h 30min. There are free parking spaces available for those traveling by car. Additionally, you will have access to a personal liaison to facilitate your travel needs and answer any questions to make your journey with us as smooth as possible.

-Is this retreat suitable for me?

The course is for all levels and anyone who wants to explore their creativity, regardless of their level and creative field. Please note you must be 18 years of age, or older to participate and join us. Given the nature of our event and the programming, this event is not for minors. Pets are not allowed on the property for the duration of our event.

- Can I attend only one day of the full program?

There is always a noticeable and beautiful magic to be appreciated when everyone participates in the event together, in its entirety, from start to finish. As with every IN BLOOM event, this journey is immersive and we request that everyone arrives and leaves together.

- Will the program be in English?

Yes, the program will be taught in English language.

- Can my friend or partner drop by or join in?

This is a private event and is accessible ONLY to individual paying customers. If you would like to invite a friend to join us, please invite them to purchase the package.

- What is your refund policy and what happens if the event gets cancelled?

All retreat purchases are final and are non-refundable. Under some circumstances, a retreat purchase may be transferable to someone else within the community. In the unlikely event of a forced cancellation due to factors beyond our reasonable control (force majeure event), a full and complete refund of your retreat purchase will be issued immediately.

- Is it possible to arrive early, or stay after the event?

We can accommodate early arrivals and late departures subject to availability. Villa Soderasen is available for extended stays on either end of this retreat based on a first come and first served basis. You can contact to make your individual arrangements.

- What if I have special dietary restrictions?

We do our best to be conscious of everyone’s needs when it comes to our food & beverage offering in order to provide a range of options. If you have specific dietary restrictions you feel are worth noting, please let us know in advance and we’ll be happy to address them.

- Do I need to prepare anything and what should I pack?

You don't need to prepare anything in terms of the content of the retreat program. Just bring your awesome self! As the event is taking place in the middle of winter and includes a variety of nature activities, we highly advise that you come well prepared for all the elements and be well equipped for outdoor adventures. Hiking shoes, activewear, thermal underwear, warm overalls, hat, gloves, scarf and proper winter coat are an absolute must.


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